About us

Hello, we are Joop and Tonny Temmink from Haaksbergen. Since we both are retired, we tour more often with our camper. Hence the name TEM(mink) ON TOUR. Haaksbergen is located in Twente, and we have lived there since 1981 to our complete satisfaction. Even though we were not born in Twente, we still feel a bit like "Tukkers".

We have been camping together since we met in 1976. First a tent, then a trailer tent, a caravan, and now a camper. First with the two of us, then with our children, and now with the two of us again.

In 2019 we registered with ACSI-Freelife and were chosen as the test team of a brand new camper. In September we made a trip to Dutch and German Hanseatic cities. This experience made us both so enthusiastic that we exchanged the caravan for a newly used camper in December.

Our camper is a Knaus, the Van Ti Plus 650 Meg type, from mid-2018. Our first trip was a 5-day tour of the Netherlands. We got to know the camper a little. Even though the coronavirus struck in 2020, we were still able to go out with the camper. We started vlogging on the advice of ACSI-Freelife. The first videos were published by ACSI-Freelife and then we also published our videos on our own YouTube channel.